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” Perception Changes ” receives great review from themetalpigeon.com !!

I’ve seen some descriptions thrown around online that these guys are melodic death metal, and while I can understand why that tag is added, I don’t think its entirely accurate. Melo-death as a subgenre is defined by songwriting written around melody and the ushering of that melody as a motif throughout the song. Monox use Read More

” Perception Changes ” keeps on receiving great reviews !

” They don’t hold back, by the way. Right from the start you’re sucked into their penetrative dark world, and you won’t get out until the album’s finished. They get started with “Babylon Tower”, which mostly accentuates the Death part from the genre they play. From the second song on, which is called “Shimmering Lights”, Read More

German XXL ROCK loves ” Perception Changes ”

” Who likes Meshuggah or more experimental stuff like Disharmonic Orchestra and Pestilence, can risk an ear here definitely. However, if you take your daily ration of in your face death metal you will likely be overwhelmed with merciless ‘Perception Changes’ , or perhaps bored. “ Read more. Read More