Monox is opening CROWBAR’s Zagreb concert

There are a lot of news recently – after becoming the newest band on <a title="Metalsound Music" href="https://www.facebook hop over to this” target=”_blank”>Metalsound Music, we are proud to announce that we’re opening CROWBAR’s Zagreb performance @ Club Mochvara on June 17th. This is another step in presenting our upcoming debut album “Perception Changes”.



Dirty Old Shop – Tratinska 18

Rockmark, Berislavićeva 13

Dallas Music Shop, Tkalčićeva 7

Maldoror, Lopašićeva 3

Club Mochvara, Trnjanski nasip BB

Rijeka: Dallas Music Shop, Splitska 2a

Split: Dallas Music Shop, Narodni Trg 14

Šibenik: Dallas Music Shop, Kralja Tomislava 4

Zadar: Dallas Music Shop, Široka ulica 2

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